Is your business admin
a bit … chaotic

We map your business processes to identify bottlenecks and turn them into user-friendly solutions that that streamline and automate your workflow.

Does this sound like your business?

We have so many spreadsheets but we just can’t keep on top of them. 

Our system is outdated but it seems too much effort to change to something better.

We love using software but none of them talk to each other.

I spend so much time on my business admin, I’ll never be able to grow.


Connect your

Spreadsheets databases customers workflows team

Growing Pains… Things stopping you moving to the growth phase of your business.


Setting up and running a business turns out to be a lot more work than you thought.

You have to be multiple departments: sales, marketing, finance, design, research.

The business management tasks are wearing you down.

iconnectIT business chaos

Using notebooks and spreadsheets is all very well but when your business grows, such simple solutions no longer work.

And even when you embrace technology, it can be frsutrating and time consuming when different parts of the business uses platforms and tools that don’t connect with each other.


Business admin can make it hard to hold quality customer relationships and
preserving a good reputation.

You need your systems to be

* Agile, user friendly

*  Make tasks more efficient.

* Help staff work smarter and increase job satisfaction.

Rather that getting in the way of serving your customers.

What if it doesn’t have to be like that?


We begin by auditing and mapping your business processes, workflows and the systems you use. Focusing internaly and externaly using customer journey maps.

This gives us a really clear idea about the way that your business works.


Then we start digging into how you would like your business to work.

Don’t worry we can start small, for example by taking a manual process or an old excel sheet, and start with a small incremental change, which leads to a big impact on time and efficiency over time.


We then apply our expertise to connect the dots between your business systems.

Or we may decide to include a new solution that perfectly matches your needs.

We then come up with a plan of action.


 We take care of your workflows and set everything up as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

With minimal interruption to your business, and maximum impact on your day-to-day activities.

You just sit back and relax with a cup of tea while we do all the work.

Enable your existing systems to talk to each other.

Integrate your work information and apps and set up automation when possible. Automate your workflows by connecting your apps and then moving information between them based on business rules that are unique to you. You don’t always have to replace what you have in place right now. Take a manual process or an old excel sheet, and start with a small incremental change, which leads to a big impact on time and efficiency over time.

Connect with your clients through online portals.

Teams are looking to share particular information with particular people (teammates, customers, or broader user sets), and want to be able to protect that information by requiring selected users to log in to see it. This includes secure client & customer portals, custom CRMs, field worker apps, or other custom software that helps makes a meaningful impact on your business .

Replace multiple systems with one seamless solution

Replace old tools, with a seamless solution  that allows teams to work and share the same infromation from marketing, sales, customer service, finance and the operations team. There is real magic when teams are unified through a connected CRM. 

Make your business mobile.

Delight your customers or create a unique user experience for your clients. That’s a powerful tool when it comes to building up brand loyalty, and who doent want good customer retention.

Stand out from the crowd with your own internal app where ever you need staff to take pictures, record locations, capture signatures, upload files, scan barcodes. 

Whatever the business admin problem



iconnectIT holds the solution

Automate your workflow