iConnectIT Rescues Frome Festival with IT Solutions

Frome Festival’s mission is clear: they’re here to celebrate Frome’s vibrant arts scene. Each year, they bring together over 12,000 people to enjoy accessible cultural events. But they don’t stop there. They’re also passionate about championing their local creative community, offering a platform for over 100 events delivered by talented local artists and community groups.


BUT Frome Festival was in a bit of an IT pickle.


Well it is no suprise, today’s business tech world is more complex than ever, and everyone’s leaning on technology. It’s been the job of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to handle data, plan updates, and IT budgets. But big companies can afford whole teams for that. Smaller ones? Not so much.


That’s where a Virtual IT Director comes in. They’re like your tech superhero. They help you navigate the IT maze without breaking the bank. Think of them as your tech-savvy ally, making sure you’re all set for whatever the future holds.


We helped solve the team’s immediate problems and provided invaluable advice on future plans. This festival turned out to be a massive success, and we can’t wait for next year.



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