Made at nest

Paint your own pottery shop and cafe


Combining coffee and ceramics, Made at Nest is a cosy and creative spot based in Frome, Somerset offers the unique opportunity to enjoy a coffee and cake whilst flexing your creative muscles!


When the made at nest team Chloe and Garath first moved to Frome in 2020, they loved it’s family friendly atmosphere and always thought that a ceramic painting studio would be a great addition to the town.

The covid lockdowns made chloe reassess her career as a hairdresser, and seeing the amazing support of local independent businesses, She decided to buy a kiln and start this new adventure.

The only issue they could not seem to solve was a good customer experience after the clients had painted the item and then coming back a few days later to pick up the fired item.

The issue was how do you track an iten that goes into an oven!  They had customers take photo on their own phone but had issue with customer losing the photo or a friend coming in to pick up the items.

iConnect worked with the founders Chloe and Garath to build a exciting new app for the pottery shop to help customers take a photo of the item in the shop app before it is handed into staff to be fired in the kilm.

The staff can then use this item to change the status to ready to be collected that fires off an email to the client imforming them that the item is ready.

The staff also use the app to ensure that the customer gets the right item during pick up.


The app has saved them many hours per week and was increase the professionalism of the business and customer satisfation.




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