Stand out with

your own…Custom App

Do you want to create a unique user experience for clients or help staff whizz through the day with an internal staff app.  

We build custom apps for your competitive advantage.

Custom Built to your needs

The features that your team needs carry out for their specific tasks, all wrapped up in a coll custom app.


Custom Mobile App

Easy and  friendly to use

We build apps that are super simple for everyone in your team to use. Even the non-technical members.

Automated Workflows

Apps for your

Spreadsheets databases customers workflows team

Powerful features to help your business

On the Go

Business information is more valuable when it’s a tap away.

Like magic

Take pictures, record locations, capture signatures, upload files, scan barcodes, linked into the rest of your business


Integrated and automated

Linked to other apps and automated to remove as much business admin as possible

Easy to use

Easy to use yet powerful, we make sure we match or improve your workflows


Support and training

1-1 training and support for your app to make sure it is working to power your business


Compatible with all devices

Desktop Apple and PC, ipads and mobile. iOS and Android.

Our Tools Stack.

Noloco Custom CRM.

The fastest way to create custom internal tools, client portals, CRMs and other business tools that your team and clients will love on top of your existing data sources. learn more.


Airtable Database

Organise, connect, and share critical business information with Airtable’s relational database. And stay up-to-date and in sync with other systems of record


Glide Apps.

Apps that your team will love to use, eliminate messy spreadsheets and processes with intuitive mobile apps that are easy to learn, friendly to use and work on any device.

Glide app

Some App Ideas.

Take your business mobile.

Stand out from the crowd with your own custom mobile app where ever you need staff to take pictures, record locations, capture signatures, upload files, scan barcodes. 

Online portals.

Share information with people like your teammates or customers.
Secure client & customer portals give your business a professional feel. 

Custom Apps for your business



iconnectIT holds the solution

Automate your workflow