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your own…CRM or Client Portal

Do you want to unlock the power of NoLoCo with expert guidance for captivating client apps and internal tools. Your one-stop shop for NoLoCo mastery 

A flexible CRM for a modern team

Custom Built to your needs

A custom CRM reflecting your unique workflow can become a powerful differentiator. Impress clients with personalised experiences, automate tasks invisible to competitors, and gain valuable insights from deeper data analysis.



Scalability and Future-Proofing

As your business evolves, your CRM needs will too. Pre-built solutions might require expensive migrations or feature limitations. A custom CRM built with scalability in mind can adapt to your growth, integrate new tools seamlessly, and ensure your technology grows with your ambitions


Powerful features to help your business

AI-powered apps from your data

AI-Driven Innovation at Your Fingertips: Instantly turn data into dynamic apps that evolve with your business need.

Move Faster

Free up your time and move faster by enabling your Operations, Growth & Support teams to use the tools they need.


Integrated and automated

Linked to other apps and automated to remove as much business admin as possible.

Easy to use

Easy to use yet powerful, we make sure we match or improve your workflows.


Seamless communication and collaboration

Facilitate seamless communication and collaboration within your team.


Empower your team

Empower your team with user-friendly, efficient, and flexible solutions to enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.

Let’s free your data.

Tired of data silos trapping your ideas? Unleash the power of your information with Noloco

Noloco with Airtable or google sheets

Apps for your

Spreadsheets databases customers workflows team

Some App Ideas.

Custom Apps for your business



iconnectIT holds the solution

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